I don't even like coconut and ate way too much cake! Bobby is so picky about his sweets and said the cake was the best he ever had.



Yum!  The brownies were so delicious.   Lois


Everyone loved the carrot cake!!!! They were going back for seconds! Thank you for baking it on short notice.   Gigi 


The chocolate truffles are better than the ones

in the stores.   Rosie


The kids loved the chocolate covered strawberries.   Susan


Bret LOVES your coconut cake!   Skip


Thank you for the "Sweet Memories" treats. I have enjoyed watching Nancy claim she isn't going to eat any more-- and then eat another one. 




Dear Beth and Margo,

I have been sorely remiss at writing or calling to let you know about your cobblers.

We served them warm with vanilla ice cream and gratefully quite late into the night so most of our friends only had somewhat small servings.  The blueberry cobbler was wonderful but that peach, oh that peach cobbler, was truly sublime.

In all the years of living here I have not ever served southern food and I have to say that if this is what the south should taste like.....I am in and shall make it my home!

The peaches, delicious, but the cobbler.....the cake the moisture the texture the caramelized density the dough.....oh I am watering at the mouth just writing this.

I had my cup of tea and that ridiculously enticing deep rich fruit cake......I did not care one iota how long it took to clean up because I had the cobbler.  

I woke up, with this secret, smiling, I swear, knowing everyone else in the house was still asleep and snuck into the kitchen and ate and ate and ate.....scraping the tin of every last crumb.

Wweet memories are surely this!

Best and regards.



Hi there---No more seven layer sins for me!!!! All of the sweets were delicious and everyone loved them. Many thanks!! Hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving. Hope to see you again and thanks again.   Robyn


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